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Head Coach,
Retired Professional Basketball Player
Bachelor of Science: Health and Exercise                                                                   

Coach Aubrey is no stranger to the game of basketball. Born and raised in Auburn, AL, he fell in love with sports at a young age. For the past 25+ years, basketball has been a major fixture in his life.

Coaching highlights

  • SLAAM Basketball, AL: Director and AAU basketball head coach – (multiple) boys and girls tournament champions 

  • Murray State University, KY: Assistant coach women’s basketball – OVC tournament appearance

  • Murray State University, KY: Student assistant coach men’s basketball – OVC regular-season champion, NIT tournament appearance

Playing highlights

  • International professional basketball: 13 seasons playing career

  • Murray State University, KY: OVC player of the year, 3x OVC regular-season champion, 2x OVC tournament champion

  • Auburn High School, AL: All-state first team, state runner-up, all-area player of the year


My focus as a coach is character development and providing guidance to student athletes in order for them to improve their basketball skill level and develop an appreciation for discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork on and off the court.

As someone with a passion for the game and a passion for developing student potential, I have consistently been able to improve individual performance and form cohesive, successful teams with the drive to succeed as a unit.


I believe that the concept of “team” is as, if not more important than individual development.

Individually, players will develop naturally as a result of working together as a team. If you put any number of people together in any situation that demands an outcome, a natural leader will arise. The success or failure of that outcome is a direct result of the rest of the group’s belief in that leader.


When people are forced to determine an outcome, they work together with reason, logic, and cooperation (when there is something at stake for everyone).

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